New Umass Service: Anything Delivered!

The new service in Amherst, MA called Amherst Pick Me Ups allows you to get anything in the area delivered to your door. And I mean ANYTHING!

Not really. You can’t get something like booze or cigarettes delivered, or any ingredients for a meth lab. But anything else, it will come to you anywhere in the Amherst / Noho / Sunderland area.


Fox News People Attacked At DNC!

Hey, you can’t expect to constantly slant your your journalism against liberals and democrats and expect them to roll a red carpet for you onto the convention. These guys are already protesting democrats on multiple issues; I really don’t know who Griff Jenkins is, but I guess they should’ve known how people were going to respond to them.

Its good, since they could then add on to the slant and call the protesters “animals” and “degenerates” and “intelligent bla bla blas” , so I guess in the end, Fox News will probably win out, and somehow connect this with the Obama campaign. Well, if you can sleep at night…

Here are two videos:

I’ve Been Incredibly Busy

But I will come back with some good stuff in about a few days. I am sorry I have been putting my stuff on the back-burner. I have a lot to talk about, but very little time to sit in front of the computer. I’ll give away $10 to anyone who can tell me something that was different about Wakefield’s last start ( against Arizona ). Seriously, I will paypal it to you. If you can tell me something that was different, anything, I will give you $10.

Roger Clemens: Steroids, Human Growth, & VIAGRA?!

Roger Clemens & Viagara

Those Rafael Palmeiro commercials got to me! I am only a man…

This is one of those stories that is followed by a nail crashing into the coffin. The New York Daily News ( Awesome upstanding newspaper ) has released a report about Clemens using Viagra pills on the field as a performance enhancer on the field.

Talk about throwing a hard one right down the plate! And don’t get mad at that remark; You’re going to hear a bunch of these puns all day hearing these stories ( some over or under my pg-13 level). It has been reported that uses for Viagra that isn’t used for “hitting one out of the park” is to increase endurance levels, and as a catalyst to deliver oxygen to muscles faster.

This is not necessarily new news on the endurance factor of Viagra in exercise. Stanford University and Palo Alto Health Center scholars had found improvements in cyclist in high altitudes upon the uses of Sildenafil ( Viagra ). The drug, which I have come to know so well through Brett Favre throwing a football through the hoop, or the guy who whets the sexual desire of local housewives and coworkers, opens up blood vessels of certain tissues, which allow blood ( and therefore oxygen ) to pass through a lot easier. Even the University of Virginia’s health website talks about the benefits ( dated: 2002).

The article in the New York Daily news also reports that more players in baseball have used this component along with steroids, and it has been confirmed by the words of Victor Conte.

I am not in the loop so a lot of this is new to me. I guess at the end of the day, Clemens was trying to get the high hard one going throughout the game! Yes, I meant fastball! Fastball… doesn’t correlate, but in order to climb out of the gutter, I’ll just end the article here.

The Daily News referenced article ( from the Sporting News )

Leave a comment of a pun that would be funny. “Rocket-Man has a whole new meaning” has already been used:)