Quote of The Day : The Lakers vs. Celtics Game 3

” Los Angeles is the least intimidating place in the league. The fans are usually late arrivals, and because of the 6pm start, they will arrive even later. Playing in LA is like playing at a jamboree.”

– Mark J Spears of the Boston Globe, talking about the intimidation factor of the Staples Center on the Dale & Holley show on WEEI.


Coco Crisp Post-Game Interview After Fight ( Video & Text )



GossiponSports was the 1st site that posted the video ( through Redlasso I guess ). This is one of the best and most honest videos that a player has made about a fight:

The CocoCrisp Post-game Interview:

Here is also the text of the interview ( of this video ):

” I charged the mound. I feigned it, like I was going to go to first base, just get Navarro ( the catcher ) off of me a little bit. And, uh… just charged the mound. He ( Shields ) tried to hit me with a haymaker. He missed. I threw a punch. Uh… I pretty much missed. And the ( rest of us ) went down to the ground. People trying to… I didn’t really like the scratches on my face- where the people were trying to scratch like we were playing football or something. Like little girls, trying to scratch out my eyes.”

” You know, I move one hand down,( they ) scratch me right here ( pointing towards his cheekbone ). After that, people were trying to pull my hair like little girls ( grinning :)). Like… you know, instead like, throwing some real punches or somethng like that. I am down on the ground. I mean, the fight is pretty much over baseball term-wise.”

You want to come in late, and throw some extra blows, and get your little blows in, you know, that’s cool. I cover up. it’s all good. Trying to pull some hair. It’s alright.  You know, that was between me and Shields that time, and uh…  you know, everbody’s trying to get their little blows in.”

” I think even more, He ( Shields ) threw one little, he was unsure if he really wanted to hit me or not ( after Crisp was toppled I guess ) it seemed like. But, because he didn’t really hit me hard. The big dude, um, what’s his name? Johny Gomes, he tried to come in, a hefty dude. ( He ) Tried to come in with some blows ( while Crisp is on the ground ). But I think Navarro, you know, I credit him ( for blocking him in the pile-up).

“And I actually credit Shields, too. Because, you know, even though we went at it, he hit me ( with the pitch ) in the leg, he didn’t try to hit me in the head. So, you know, that’s good. So, he didn’t like try to kill me. And then I ran out there ( to the mound ), and then he tried to hit me in the head. So that’s the way to go, you know!”

“It is what it is, now. I say, uh… tick-for-tack, I think I got the worst of it because I’m running out there, and they can get to me before our guys can get to me to help”.

Here is the text from James Shields after the game:

“I think what (Crisp) did (Wednesday) was an absolutely dirty move, bush league and not supposed to be in the professional game of baseball… He’s not a professional player. I lost all respect for him… We’ve been getting stomped around the last 10 years and that’s not going to happen any more,”

I have a lot to say about this fight, but I’ll leave it to anyone who wants to say something about it for now. I’ll get my thoughts together and post them up a lil’ later. This fight, and the quotes by both Shields and Crisp represents a forum of the inner-workings of baseball revenge and player attitudes for protecting their brothers-in-arms. It was also commented on my former post that the Youkilis-Ramirez fight might’ve stemmed for Ramirez’s apathy during the whole episode. There’s a lot you can get out of this. Tell me what you think.

I’m going to love this rivalry now that the Rays are a great team. If their pitching keeps up, They can be just as dangerous as the Red Sox, Tigers, Yankees, and Angels in a 5-game post-season set.


Quote Of The Day! TomRossetti Gotta Something To Setti About Casselli!

Going through this week Hollinger Ranking’s ( Celtics are #2, hells yes!), We have this great insight from this great sports guru beautifully screenamed TomRossetti ( I will separate the names and place it as Tom Rossetti here just in case he looks up his name on Google and found someone has written about him!). Here it is:

“Cassell is just a glorified Eddie House…”

Are you fucking kidding me? Has this guy been watching the playoffs the last 10 years. Rockets? Bucks? Clippers? Has he seen what Cassell has done most of his career? Granted, this guy is very old. His knees are not going to help his defense much, and he is efficient for probably no more than 20 minutes a game. But an OVERRATED EDDIE HOUSE?! WTF is this guy talking about?

Sam Cassell has quarterbacked so many decent offenses and players in his time. Big centers, horrible centers, crazy Clipper shooting guards, Mario Elie! How the fuck is someone going to boast that a point guard with his experience, his resiliency on both ends of the court, and his majestic clutch-ness in the playoffs, is not only correlative to, but fucking an overrated version of a haphazard hybrid guard in Eddie House?

So is this equation in this guy’s mind something like:

Sam Cassell = Eddie House


Sam Cassell > Eddie House, but not really?

Or my favorite interpretation of this nonsense:

Sam Cassell < Eddie House, even though he has a decent chance to go to the Hall of Fame ( yes, when you win a championship with Mario Elie, you get a good shot).

Speaking of House, this guy is a horrible point guard, and his abilities are more standard of a shooting guard if anything. Have you seen how long it takes to set up an offense when he is in the game? I can make a sandwich and microwave some Jasmine Tea before House sets up a play down the court! He is NOT A TRUE POINT GUARD! Period.

Speaking of which, the Celtics aren’t trying to replace Rondo. Like with most decent point guards, when they are decent at both ends of the court, you need to have some backup guard to give them at least 10-15 on the bench per game. Rondo is great, but he has to constantly play at such a high level for so many minutes that it will hurt his game in the playoffs. It showed heavily in the Denver game when he fouled out trying to guard Iverson.

We need Cassell because we need that second unit guard who can come in and give Rondo a breather, charge up the 2nd unit, and keep the offense from slopping because Eddie House can’t fucking run it! Our offense with him has been good because he has good shooters to spread the floor when he is on the court ( Posey & Ray-ray, with T. Allen slashing if the zone creeps up toward the top of the key). And Eddie house shouldn’t be dishing the ball, the ball needs to be dished to him and that sweet-ass jumper he has! A decent amount of lapses can be attributed to the fact that when Rondo isn’t there, we have no one to run the offense. It hasn’t hurt us too badly yet, but he is going into the playoffs with Billups & Hamilton waiting for him.

If anything, against those two in the Eastern Conference finals ( if we make it), I will take my chances with Cassell.