Funny Blog Article & Recommendation: Gritty & Clutch

He randomly posted on my site, so I checked out his. And its a funny site. They have a lot of Onion-ish articles that are decent parodies of sports stories. The Royals & Tony Pena story is by far one of the funniest stories I have read. Check them out.

Gritty & Clutch


A Little Bit of Yankee Fodder…

Going through random sports articles, I found two that caught my eye.

Tony Maschetti at The Dugout Central has a great tirade on the wonderful job the Yankees have been doing during this season. His tirade is warranted and is based on the age of the Yanks and their inability to immerse any young talent into the mix ( unlike the Sox, which btw I am fucking surprised how pretty much all of our prospects are ill.).

I also dug up an article where a guy is talking about a the Johan Santana and how the prospects the Twins received are fairing in the minors. Outdated by at least 3 weeks, but I like this tidbit he has about Yankees ( supposedly ) future star Ian Kennedy:

The Yankees want the 23-year-old first-round pick to regain his confidence ( in the Minors ) and won’t say when Kennedy will return.

It’s a little funny ( I’ve been luaghing my ass off so much the I spelled laugh wrong; yes, I’m a crazy guy!) that someone in management of players in a sport where confidence means so much, someone is trying to instill confidence in an unproven prospect by demoting the poor sucker to the minors. That is like getting mad at a new cook for not doing his job and telling him to go to dishwashing duties for a couple of months to get his cooking confidence back.

I know that training in the minors is essential, but I am wondering whether stepping back and blowing away opponents who aren’t that good ( Is pitching in minors from pitching in the majors like playing basketball with your 10 year-old sister?) is a boost for the kid. If anything, I think these measures are going to rattle him and only pressure him to do better when he gets back. Which is what everyone wants, but under the insane pressure of producing for the Yankees and  the Steinbrenner is going to be asking a lot from the kid.

You gotta remember; Hideki Irabu & Jose Contreras had problems succumbing to the pressure here, and they were already pressure-trained from playing at high levels in their own country. Anyways, good luck giving Ian Kennedy some confidence by demoting him. When I own my own business, I’ll think of placing inefficient workers to the mailroom so they can get their groove back. They’ll love it, and I will be manager of the year. I wonder what other great management systems the MLB can offer me?

A Little TidBit About the Shaq Trade

I didn’t get to see the game, but after watching the Sportcenter Highlights and seeing the end score, I was very shocked! The sentiments of John Hollinger in his analysis of the the last three weeks of NBA trades explains my true feelings:

” As I’ve written, I hated this trade and nothing that happened Wednesday night changed my mind. Shaq was supposed to improve Phoenix’s defense; in his first game the Suns gave up 130 points.

I’ll admit O’Neal looked better than I thought he would; on the other hand, Pau Gasol beat him down court by 30 feet twice in the final five minutes, which is pretty discouraging considering the court is only 94 feet long.

Since the fall of Rome ( aka The Patriots), I haven’t been laughing much, but that was the funniest little sports bit I’ve heard in a week. You can read his entire article at ESPN Here. Article – ” CellTradeUSA vs. CellSwapper vs CellClients”, Battle of the Cell Phone Swap.

Recommendation Article

Still in its infancy, there is an incredible market out there that supplies cell phone users with the incredible ability to take hold of their contracts. This market allows them to get out of their plans, pick up a new plan, or even swap plans that are suitable for them without paying huge fees. For some who don’t know about these companies, you don’t have to snap your fingers because you are not dreaming. You can get rid of your phone, and not have to worry about early termination fees, not affording a long-term service, or dropping your current service to pick up a better one ( Iphone please.). is a site that was created to help people understand how to get out of their services, and the companies that make it happen. The whole process works like this:

1. Go to site, pick a service ( or two, one of them is free), put in your information.

2. Wait a bit, someone then contacts you to take your phone contract off your hands. You might give them your phone as an incentive, but your contract is about to disappear!

3. You call your provider to transfer, the transfer is made, you no longer are stuck with a contract in your name, new user gets a short-term contract!

That looks like a win-win situation, right? Well, the problem is, because the industry is fairly new, the main companies that provide this feature don’t all provide in the same fashion? You want to a text message to notify you someone wants your phone? How about an easy form to fill out to post your phone the website? One site is free, but it isn’t popular (ie: you might not find takers)? One site cost money, but its the most popular site of them all! One looks pretty, the other looks kind of pretty…’s job is to get you into the Cell Phone Opting ( Cell Phone Swapping), get you out of a phone contract, into a new one, or buying/selling your cell; All this without incurring long-term deals, fees, or unwanted extras. We will now go over four companies (#1 is the Best) that deal with Cell Phone Opting, and one company at the end that is in the forefront of recycling & trading used cell phones. So here we go:

Disclaimer: To opt-into a phone, all of these sites are free. One site is free to opt-in or opt-out. If you need help understanding this, Cellswapper’s FAQ is the best to understand the process. Useful for anyone in the US, Canada, & The United Kingdom


Number 4 :

Trade My Cellular / is a pretty decent site to opt-in or out of your phone. In comparison to the other sites, the only feature I can love about this one is that it is free. There is no cost to post on the site (yet) or to browse the phones available with short contracts.

Remember, if you are getting into a new contract, you don’t have to pay for the activation fee. This is probably a decent place for opting phone contracts, but the popularity is small (by Alexa Standards), there aren’t any extra features that make the process easier, and there just isn’t enough general popularity on this site. People coming to the site is crucial; if no one shows up, how would you be able to get rid of your phone?

Advice: This is a site you can sign-up for along with another, because it is free. USA & Canadian customers only.

Number 3:

This is a very decent site. Although not as high in the Alexa rankings , its web populace is strictly north of the border since it only caters to Canadian residents. This is a slight boo-hoo, since its prices are cheaper than the US websites ( Celltrade & Cellswapper ) counterparts. You are allowed to post for free, and pay only 14.95 to open up the mailbox if prospective buyers have emailed you.

Another great feature is that you are sent text messages in the event someone is interested in your phone. Great service for those who don’t want to check emails on this site every day.

If anything, the only backside to this site is the lack of listings and its availability only in Canada. But if you are Canadian, this is a great service to use as a supplement to

Number 2:

This is one of those sites that you can go through all the features, understand how the process works, and compensates any confusion with prompt customer service, and then hits you with a heavy ultimatum ( will describe later).

This site has all the things you need to opt-out or into your phone. The form you fill out is simple, yet it specifies so much that you will post exactly what you are offering ( take a look at the search mechanism). There is a great amount of popularity ( site most visited out of the top four), so you will get people coming to opt-into your phone.

You can email form the customer service if you need help. There is also a live customer service chat service, so you can get help on-demand. Most likely these are paid reps who don’t have much information, but they are helpful most of the time.

When you give up your contract, if you plan to get a phone along with the service, Cellswapper will track the phone to make sure it gets into your hands. In the US, in Canada, and they even do business for users in the United Kingdom!

All the information is very simple to read, and there is little that stands in the way between you and opting a phone service. Except, you must pay before you post your phone. The fee is 18.95, and 24.95 for the showcase posting. This seems like a small thing to do, but one of the facets of all the other sites reviewed is that they all allow you to post and pay when you receive positive responses.

Have not yet used the swapping out part of this site, can only advise that this service is extremely popular, and you are very likely to have success using the site. But because you have to pay before you get a response, I have to give the crown to a new king:

And the Winner Is:

This site was the first site we advocated when we brought up our site. That was during a time we got 4 visitors per week. Looking at it now, still places itself ahead of the competition. The only four reasons I can place it there is that:

  • It serves to get users out of their contracts in the US.
  • It allows you to post your information and get a response before you pay.
  • Although it is a $1 more than Cellswapper (19.99 vs. 18.95), you pretty much are guaranteed to pay upon swapping your phone, and not before.
  • It’s almost as popular as Cellswapper.

It is number #1 because it has done enough to be satisfying for customers who need to get rid of their phones quickly. If CellClients worked in the US, if Trademycellular had more popularity, if Cellswapper had you try it before you buy it, we might have a different champion. But for now, CelltradUSA stands on top.

Since Canadian subscribers are just as important as American subscribers, the Canadian Crown goes to If only Cellswapper had you work with the system to leave your phone before paying for the service, we would have ourselves a runaway winner.

In the end, our advice is to go to our site:, and look at some of the information we have to offer. Also, check out our buy/sell phones & cell phone eraser section. The company ( is doing a lot of good in recycling phones and keeping them out of the dump. If you have any old phones laying around, or would like to buy a cheap used one, would be a great help.

We hope to add more content about getting out of your cell phone plan, and hope to add more companies and content as the year rolls along. Thank you for reading our article, if you have any comments or questions, you may email us at

Companies reviewed: