Comments on Clemens: Some Quotes.

Some quotes on Clemens:

It was so open, the trainers would jokingly call the steroid injections “B12 shots,” and soon the players had picked up on that little code name, too. You’d hear them saying it out loud in front of each other: “I need to go in and get a B12 shot,” a player would say, and everyone would laugh. (Of course, that was the kind of joke you really only made around other steroid users, because obviously they were in the same boat as you. What were they going to do, tell on you? Not hardly.)

 – Jose Canseco, Juiced, Page 212

There are more quotes from the book about Clemens here.


Will Mcdonough, a former Boston Globe writer who has since long passed, had called Clemens a “Texas Con Man”

 “We had hoped to keep him in Boston during the twilight of his career”

– Dan Duquette, 1996

 “He seemed extremely apologetic and unsure and confused and unstable,” he said. “Now that I have had time to think about it, I do believe his actions should be looked at by Frank Robinson or whoever is in charge of conduct.”

– Mike Piazza, 2000 World Series after bat throwing incident.


Perfect Timing Matt Walsh!

I love Belichick, but I promise you this: If something comes out that he has been taping a whole bunch of games ( or this important one), then I will have to deny anything to approach this as a dynasty. I am hoping this isn’t true…