Roy Halladay New Trade Rumors

I know, I know, this is just a link. But sometimes people miss out on the scoop ( there’s too many goddamn blogs out there ). But MLBrumors has very good insight on the Halladay situation. Gammons Speaks!


Roger Clemens: Steroids, Human Growth, & VIAGRA?!

Roger Clemens & Viagara

Those Rafael Palmeiro commercials got to me! I am only a man…

This is one of those stories that is followed by a nail crashing into the coffin. The New York Daily News ( Awesome upstanding newspaper ) has released a report about Clemens using Viagra pills on the field as a performance enhancer on the field.

Talk about throwing a hard one right down the plate! And don’t get mad at that remark; You’re going to hear a bunch of these puns all day hearing these stories ( some over or under my pg-13 level). It has been reported that uses for Viagra that isn’t used for “hitting one out of the park” is to increase endurance levels, and as a catalyst to deliver oxygen to muscles faster.

This is not necessarily new news on the endurance factor of Viagra in exercise. Stanford University and Palo Alto Health Center scholars had found improvements in cyclist in high altitudes upon the uses of Sildenafil ( Viagra ). The drug, which I have come to know so well through Brett Favre throwing a football through the hoop, or the guy who whets the sexual desire of local housewives and coworkers, opens up blood vessels of certain tissues, which allow blood ( and therefore oxygen ) to pass through a lot easier. Even the University of Virginia’s health website talks about the benefits ( dated: 2002).

The article in the New York Daily news also reports that more players in baseball have used this component along with steroids, and it has been confirmed by the words of Victor Conte.

I am not in the loop so a lot of this is new to me. I guess at the end of the day, Clemens was trying to get the high hard one going throughout the game! Yes, I meant fastball! Fastball… doesn’t correlate, but in order to climb out of the gutter, I’ll just end the article here.

The Daily News referenced article ( from the Sporting News )

Leave a comment of a pun that would be funny. “Rocket-Man has a whole new meaning” has already been used:)

Quote of The Day : The Lakers vs. Celtics Game 3

” Los Angeles is the least intimidating place in the league. The fans are usually late arrivals, and because of the 6pm start, they will arrive even later. Playing in LA is like playing at a jamboree.”

– Mark J Spears of the Boston Globe, talking about the intimidation factor of the Staples Center on the Dale & Holley show on WEEI.

The Beantown Brawl: Three Red Sox And Five Devil Rays Suspended.

It was clear as the replays kept showing the brawl between The Devil Rays and the Red Sox that the Rays probably had been inciting more mischief around the melee. Tim Kurkjian on baseball tonight had said that Coco was going to receive a stiff penalty for his actions and his comments detailing the incident and implicitness in the altercation.

But the penalty wasn’t as bad as thought. He will go down in the count for seven games, which I feel is adequate, and surprised that his comments didn’t land him more. James Shields was also fined for six games, and the fine amounts are undisclosed.

Shields is a starting pitcher, so this is the equivalent to one start. I don’t know why they did six games instead of five. Although his comments implicated his willingness to hit Crisp, he hit him in the leg, and even Crisp gave him props for not head-hunting.

Where the fines do make sense were the trouble-makers during the chaos. Johny Gomes and pitcher Edwin Jackson got five-game bans. Crawford & Akinori Iwamura, for getting those cheap shots at the end, got a four-game and three-game suspension respectively.

For the Red Sox, Jon Lester and Sean Casey ( I don’t remember them being involved, but that could be the NESN broadcast and/or my love-of-the-Sox bias ) for five and three games respectively.

Crisp is batting right in front of my face so I guess he’s appealing it. And rightfully so, now that Ellsbury is day-to-day with his wrist. The Boston Globe has reported he is available for pinch-hit duties, so I guess it isn’t serious. But this team isn’t going to take risks on their soon-to-be-superstar outfielder ( Wow, I am coming up with top-notch analysis today ain’t I?)

“You sure are”, answers Sarcasm. “You sure are…”

The suspensions for Shields, Gomes, and Lester are going to start tonight.  Crawford’s will start his on the 11th, Edwin Jackson on June 13, Sean Casey on June 14, and Iwamura is starting his vacation on the 17th.

Coco Crisp Post-Game Interview After Fight ( Video & Text )



GossiponSports was the 1st site that posted the video ( through Redlasso I guess ). This is one of the best and most honest videos that a player has made about a fight:

The CocoCrisp Post-game Interview:

Here is also the text of the interview ( of this video ):

” I charged the mound. I feigned it, like I was going to go to first base, just get Navarro ( the catcher ) off of me a little bit. And, uh… just charged the mound. He ( Shields ) tried to hit me with a haymaker. He missed. I threw a punch. Uh… I pretty much missed. And the ( rest of us ) went down to the ground. People trying to… I didn’t really like the scratches on my face- where the people were trying to scratch like we were playing football or something. Like little girls, trying to scratch out my eyes.”

” You know, I move one hand down,( they ) scratch me right here ( pointing towards his cheekbone ). After that, people were trying to pull my hair like little girls ( grinning :)). Like… you know, instead like, throwing some real punches or somethng like that. I am down on the ground. I mean, the fight is pretty much over baseball term-wise.”

You want to come in late, and throw some extra blows, and get your little blows in, you know, that’s cool. I cover up. it’s all good. Trying to pull some hair. It’s alright.  You know, that was between me and Shields that time, and uh…  you know, everbody’s trying to get their little blows in.”

” I think even more, He ( Shields ) threw one little, he was unsure if he really wanted to hit me or not ( after Crisp was toppled I guess ) it seemed like. But, because he didn’t really hit me hard. The big dude, um, what’s his name? Johny Gomes, he tried to come in, a hefty dude. ( He ) Tried to come in with some blows ( while Crisp is on the ground ). But I think Navarro, you know, I credit him ( for blocking him in the pile-up).

“And I actually credit Shields, too. Because, you know, even though we went at it, he hit me ( with the pitch ) in the leg, he didn’t try to hit me in the head. So, you know, that’s good. So, he didn’t like try to kill me. And then I ran out there ( to the mound ), and then he tried to hit me in the head. So that’s the way to go, you know!”

“It is what it is, now. I say, uh… tick-for-tack, I think I got the worst of it because I’m running out there, and they can get to me before our guys can get to me to help”.

Here is the text from James Shields after the game:

“I think what (Crisp) did (Wednesday) was an absolutely dirty move, bush league and not supposed to be in the professional game of baseball… He’s not a professional player. I lost all respect for him… We’ve been getting stomped around the last 10 years and that’s not going to happen any more,”

I have a lot to say about this fight, but I’ll leave it to anyone who wants to say something about it for now. I’ll get my thoughts together and post them up a lil’ later. This fight, and the quotes by both Shields and Crisp represents a forum of the inner-workings of baseball revenge and player attitudes for protecting their brothers-in-arms. It was also commented on my former post that the Youkilis-Ramirez fight might’ve stemmed for Ramirez’s apathy during the whole episode. There’s a lot you can get out of this. Tell me what you think.

I’m going to love this rivalry now that the Rays are a great team. If their pitching keeps up, They can be just as dangerous as the Red Sox, Tigers, Yankees, and Angels in a 5-game post-season set.


A Little Bit of Yankee Fodder…

Going through random sports articles, I found two that caught my eye.

Tony Maschetti at The Dugout Central has a great tirade on the wonderful job the Yankees have been doing during this season. His tirade is warranted and is based on the age of the Yanks and their inability to immerse any young talent into the mix ( unlike the Sox, which btw I am fucking surprised how pretty much all of our prospects are ill.).

I also dug up an article where a guy is talking about a the Johan Santana and how the prospects the Twins received are fairing in the minors. Outdated by at least 3 weeks, but I like this tidbit he has about Yankees ( supposedly ) future star Ian Kennedy:

The Yankees want the 23-year-old first-round pick to regain his confidence ( in the Minors ) and won’t say when Kennedy will return.

It’s a little funny ( I’ve been luaghing my ass off so much the I spelled laugh wrong; yes, I’m a crazy guy!) that someone in management of players in a sport where confidence means so much, someone is trying to instill confidence in an unproven prospect by demoting the poor sucker to the minors. That is like getting mad at a new cook for not doing his job and telling him to go to dishwashing duties for a couple of months to get his cooking confidence back.

I know that training in the minors is essential, but I am wondering whether stepping back and blowing away opponents who aren’t that good ( Is pitching in minors from pitching in the majors like playing basketball with your 10 year-old sister?) is a boost for the kid. If anything, I think these measures are going to rattle him and only pressure him to do better when he gets back. Which is what everyone wants, but under the insane pressure of producing for the Yankees and  the Steinbrenner is going to be asking a lot from the kid.

You gotta remember; Hideki Irabu & Jose Contreras had problems succumbing to the pressure here, and they were already pressure-trained from playing at high levels in their own country. Anyways, good luck giving Ian Kennedy some confidence by demoting him. When I own my own business, I’ll think of placing inefficient workers to the mailroom so they can get their groove back. They’ll love it, and I will be manager of the year. I wonder what other great management systems the MLB can offer me?