Conan O’Brien’s Opening Remark On Tuesday Late-Night

“Hello, my name is Conan O’Brien, and I soon may be available for parties!”

-Conan O’Brien is leaning on NBC in his monologue today. Hilarious.

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WordPress Advertisements: The Ghosts in The Blog! ( And RIP Gino )

wordpress ads are like ghosts

You just got Rondo’d! Imz on your post!

Sellin’ Ginos Hats!


I had just looked over my blog to check for spelling or looney banter errors ( if you have been reading my posts, you would understand by now I write more than I edit, and sometimes its pure gibberish. ). When I open my blog, there is this ad on it, and is f%$King huge! I’m not talking the small Google adsense that no one cares about, but this has to be the biggest text advertisement you will find.

I wasn’t bothered by it, because I did read a little bit ago about WordPress’s need to add funds because of low funding from donations. They got some raised eyebrows from their cloaking page incident a couple of years back, and I would think that they would become more transparent in these practices considering their ad-free mantra that they push out to all WordPress users.

But this advertising on my page was very surprising. I am not sure if they emailed people, or how much they publicized the fact, but when I looked into it ( with my mutant powers of ultra-Google searching skills; if you hang around me, you’ll always be feelin’ lucky! ), I found this post that Matt Mullenweg posted to talk about it ( it is dated eight months ago, sorry for being a late party-crasher on this one.). He mentions that they come on pretty rarely ( which is true since I have only seen two since this article has been posted ). But he also mentions that people will be able to pay to be able to post ad content on their pages.

There isn’t a lot of people against it, but at the same time, I had to browse through a lot of content to find out that they were doing this. I am not in the inner circle of the blogging world, so these types of situations, although trivial to my love to write about stuff, usually go over my head.

My only concern is that the only ads I have seen are Google Adsense selling Gino Hats. When you click onto the site, it is a hat that is being sold in dedication to a fan named Gino. Looking for more information ( since I have no fucking clue why this is popular in Boston, and I am from the Bean ), I find an article that mentions he is someone who danced in an American Bandstand show and the Celtics use his dances as a hype video during their games the last few years.

There was a search for this guy after the Wall Street Journal wanted to add to the Gino madness story, and they found out this guy died many years ago in his early 30’s.

Well, the story turns full circle as now the Gino madness can be sold as a hat, from which all the proceeds will go to the Boys & Girls Club in the Boston area. Since it seems like a sincere event, I’ll let it slide.  I think I would still be wary on what ads they would show on my page and how much would it get in the way of my content ( I am no saint since I’ll get someone to sponsor a post from time-to-time. ). But at the same time, WordPress needs to make some money, and I am using their stuff for free. I can’t complain, but at least I’m aware of what’s going on. I’m hoping to pass it along to anyone who thinks they’ve been seeing the same ghosts while browsing the blogs on the WordPress site.