Brandon Belt Injury Update – Maybe Ready to Move Hand Soon

Brandon Belt did a Q&A for the Giants fans on twitter through the club’s profile a few days ago. He had some funny answers (or “unique” I should say, Tombstone is his favorite movie. He’s only 26 right?) to fans questions, but when someone asked about his injury, he said:

So it looks like when the Giants come back home this week he’ll take the cast/pins off his hands and will begin feeling out his hand movement. So, for all of you fantasy heads that have Belt on your team, be prepared to see him in the next 2-3 weeks, barring any setback.


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March 27th 2012

One forum had people deciding to choose Lorenzo Cain over Brandon Belt. Even though Belt has amazing upside and will probably be a great hitter in the Giants lineup, it isn’t known how much playing time he is going to get at this point.

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