Roy Halladay New Trade Rumors

I know, I know, this is just a link. But sometimes people miss out on the scoop ( there’s too many goddamn blogs out there ). But MLBrumors has very good insight on the Halladay situation. Gammons Speaks!


Coco Crisp Post-Game Interview After Fight ( Video & Text )



GossiponSports was the 1st site that posted the video ( through Redlasso I guess ). This is one of the best and most honest videos that a player has made about a fight:

The CocoCrisp Post-game Interview:

Here is also the text of the interview ( of this video ):

” I charged the mound. I feigned it, like I was going to go to first base, just get Navarro ( the catcher ) off of me a little bit. And, uh… just charged the mound. He ( Shields ) tried to hit me with a haymaker. He missed. I threw a punch. Uh… I pretty much missed. And the ( rest of us ) went down to the ground. People trying to… I didn’t really like the scratches on my face- where the people were trying to scratch like we were playing football or something. Like little girls, trying to scratch out my eyes.”

” You know, I move one hand down,( they ) scratch me right here ( pointing towards his cheekbone ). After that, people were trying to pull my hair like little girls ( grinning :)). Like… you know, instead like, throwing some real punches or somethng like that. I am down on the ground. I mean, the fight is pretty much over baseball term-wise.”

You want to come in late, and throw some extra blows, and get your little blows in, you know, that’s cool. I cover up. it’s all good. Trying to pull some hair. It’s alright.  You know, that was between me and Shields that time, and uh…  you know, everbody’s trying to get their little blows in.”

” I think even more, He ( Shields ) threw one little, he was unsure if he really wanted to hit me or not ( after Crisp was toppled I guess ) it seemed like. But, because he didn’t really hit me hard. The big dude, um, what’s his name? Johny Gomes, he tried to come in, a hefty dude. ( He ) Tried to come in with some blows ( while Crisp is on the ground ). But I think Navarro, you know, I credit him ( for blocking him in the pile-up).

“And I actually credit Shields, too. Because, you know, even though we went at it, he hit me ( with the pitch ) in the leg, he didn’t try to hit me in the head. So, you know, that’s good. So, he didn’t like try to kill me. And then I ran out there ( to the mound ), and then he tried to hit me in the head. So that’s the way to go, you know!”

“It is what it is, now. I say, uh… tick-for-tack, I think I got the worst of it because I’m running out there, and they can get to me before our guys can get to me to help”.

Here is the text from James Shields after the game:

“I think what (Crisp) did (Wednesday) was an absolutely dirty move, bush league and not supposed to be in the professional game of baseball… He’s not a professional player. I lost all respect for him… We’ve been getting stomped around the last 10 years and that’s not going to happen any more,”

I have a lot to say about this fight, but I’ll leave it to anyone who wants to say something about it for now. I’ll get my thoughts together and post them up a lil’ later. This fight, and the quotes by both Shields and Crisp represents a forum of the inner-workings of baseball revenge and player attitudes for protecting their brothers-in-arms. It was also commented on my former post that the Youkilis-Ramirez fight might’ve stemmed for Ramirez’s apathy during the whole episode. There’s a lot you can get out of this. Tell me what you think.

I’m going to love this rivalry now that the Rays are a great team. If their pitching keeps up, They can be just as dangerous as the Red Sox, Tigers, Yankees, and Angels in a 5-game post-season set.


WTF!? Manny Ramirez Goes After Youkilis in The Dugout During Game! (Not to mention the Sox-Rays Fisticuffs)

Manny Picked Sox to beat Angels in 09′. Read here

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Manny Youkilis fight

This Type of Nonsense; I Cannot Explain…

This game is already intense. A fight has already broke out between James Shields and Coco Crisp after shields hit him with a 91mph fastball to Coco’s legs. This has been brewing for the last 24 hours and I wasn’t surprised that this happened ( in the 2nd inning which is a lil’ quick).

Coco stayed calm for a second after getting hit, and suddenly he used his amazing speed to beat the catcher Dave Navarro to the mound. When he approaches the mound full-speed to reach Shields, the pitcher throws a hurling right punch, and Coco swiftly ducks away from it ( like a boxer; his father was a boxer as said in his bio.), and lands a decent shot to the side of James Shield’s head.

Video of the Fight

These fights do not last long, and this one follows the same time structure as the catcher and other Rays’ players surround Crisp and take him down. There were a lot of sneak punches pulled by Carl Crawford and others while he was on the ground, but the only ejections ( that I noticed ) was Shields and Crisp after the fight concluded.

There will be suspensions, and multiple replays of the incident for all of you to see.

What DID surprise me is not only Manny’s game ( currently he has drove in five runs ), but after the inning where he drove in runs with the bases loaded, the camera cues in on Manny behind restrained by four players from Kevin Youkilis.

There is no audio, and it is hard to decipher what the hell is going on, but I had to write this because it is rare to see Manny show ANY emotion. Ever. He has been ridiculed by his teammates before, and has shrugged it off with total Manny-being-Manny nonchalance. He has been thrown at constantly by opposing pitchers, and have had horrible pitches get called strikes, only to see him walk away with a demeanor as calm as Corona 16-ounce facing the a beach sunset.

The fire and intensity he showed toward Youkilis had to have been something incredible, because Ramirez hasn’t showed this type of ire since running after Clemens in the 2003 ALCS.

This is strange. And Youkilis is another player I could rarely see voicing anything against his players, no less the best hitter on the squad. Maybe the post-game conference will shed some light on this situation. These things are always in-house with the Sox; I doubt we will get any information to make sense of Manny going insane.

Just weird. I have never seen Manny go after another player. During a game with a huge fight, the Red Sox comfortably winning, and Manny hitting better than he has been doing all year, the timing for this altercation between two great players is strange. Hopefully, not an ominous sign of any other trouble that could come down the road.


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