Clay Buccholz, Tiger Woods – Erratic Play Microcosm of Painkillers??


I was going to have a long conversation about this, and I’m not making any claims or allegations that any of these athletes are partaking in any of these drugs. But one makes you wonder when these guys go through debilitating back injuries, return “normal”, but then have so many focus and mechanical issues that don’t seem day-to-day consistent.

Woods has shown glimpses, glimpses mind you, of his old game where he also showcases he can still win a major at any point. But most of the points lead to failure, and more bewilderment of how physically he is capable, but simultaneously is stunted mentally still. And we are almost a half-decade in from the crazy situation that began his new mold.

Buchholz had gone through a back surgery, and a surge of medications to keep him physically pitching, and since mid-2012 this guy hasn’t been the same since. But he has.

One some games, Buchholz looks like one of the best pitchers in baseball. Other times, it seems like he’s totally not there. His change-up is there. Sometimes. His fastball is there. Sometimes. His control is there. Sometimes. His health is there. All the time recently, according to the Red Sox brass.

Even for a blogger, it is wrong to claim that a player’s performance is deteriorating based on an outside situation when there’s no evidence, or sometimes even when there is. Red Sox fans cobbled together Troy O’Leary’s decline toward the divorce of his wife in the early 2000s. We overlooked and were shocked to see Vin Baker’s quick departure from the Celtics organized by the hand of alcohol abuse.

I don’t know much about Tiger or not passionate enough to assume, but something I always wondered about how Buccholz can be so bad, but still sustain enough talent and prowess to be a great pitcher. I’m only running with the odds; if he had the yips he’d be out of the league. If I want to play the odds, thinking about whether his withdrawal from stopping chew or possibly adding/stopping painkillers seems a decent discussion.

There isn’t any discussion right now, and there should be. Clay Buchholz can easily be a number 1# and has shown it in the past. Just because we won a World Series doesn’t mean I don’t care about his future with us. But as someone who does care, I’d like to know more about why he disintegrated when hitting has declined to its lowest in decades.

Why isn’t he doing the same. What is holding him back. If it isn’t his health, since he is starting on the mound and will possibly for 2015, what other events could lead him to such an erratic play? Seeing how big the epidemic is in the Northeast, how it has taken a few star players down in the amateur and pro leagues, and seeing how his talent is still there on some days, I’m just looking at the odds.